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Discover the best selection of typical wines of the Valle d'Aosta. Grosjean winery has been producing, for 50 years, some of the best organic wines of the Alps.

One of the most important wine selections in Valle d'Aosta. A history that has lasted more than 50 years, in a family, the Grosjean family, that believes strongly in the ideals of identity and the safeguarding of terroir.

A line of organic wines that wants to excite and at the same time preserve the fragile ecosystem of our world as best as possible in order to hand down this precious world to future generations.

he classic line that fully expresses the essence of mountain wines with lots of freshness, minerality and exceptional drinkability. From Burgundy to the most indigenous and rare wines.

Finally, a few gems and novelties, 4 bubbles that launch Grosjean Vins into the world of sparkling wines, Classic Method, Charmat-Martinotti Method and Ancestrale complete the range of Valdostan wines.