Heroic Viticulture

Viticulture in the Aosta Valley is undoubtedly a Heroic practice. It concerns the practice of viticulture in remote areas where much effort and dedication is required.

The people that work this land, Vignerons as we would call them, and that everyday face difficulties to bring the maturation to its conclusion, make sacrifices and necessarily link with nature and the land that surrounds them are by all means Heroes.

Recently, The Research centre for the studies and valorisation of Mountain Viticulture (CERVIM) has set guidelines that define a heroic vineyard. To be considered as such it must meet the following specifications:

  • inclination over 30%
  • altitude of over 500 m. a.s.l
  • terraced or stepped crops
  • cultivation on small islands

The land of the Grosjean Vins Winery, in the Aosta Valley, fully meets these heroic characteristics as all crops are found on terraces, steep slopes and at high altitude.

Climate and Wine

To produce wine in this region incurs many difficulties and relevant operational costs and recently we have to face a new challenge called climate change.

These phenomena severly alter the alpine environment, the glaciers recede, peaks that our ancestors previously hiked with crampons now require simple walking gear, drought is a constant threat and our water supplies are depleting which will plunge us into a difficult and complex future.

Facing climate change

Each year we are forced to adapt to the changing environment: important irrigation networks, water catchments,, exploitation of water sources and reduction of water wastage. All this thanks to 4.0 technologies that allow us to calibrate our use of water and nutrients to the vines.

In our Grosjean Winery, the heroic winegrower, is no longer a farmer that with hardship and dedication and passion cultivates his land, he is also one that studies, enriches his knowledge and with ingenuity finds solutions to continue producing a high quality, natural and authentic wine. He strives to provide a wine capable of moving the passionate consumer. milieu naturel.

The Grosjean vignerons are therefore even more heroic as they are never tiring, as was taught by grandfather Dauphin who founded the family business, and they strive to preserve and continue respecting their mountain environment which faces ever more difficult challenges.

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