Cuvée89Vino spumante metodo ancestrale

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The Cuvée89 wine is a blend of white grape varieties of the Valle d’Aosta,  harvested at the same time at the beginning of September. The whole cluster is pressed, the must is decanted at cold temperatures for 12/18 hours then it is filtered to remove sediment and seeds.

Natural fermentation in steel tanks at low temperatures. The wine rests on the lees until december when a part of the must that was harvested and frozen, is added and heated to 25 C. so that it can be bottled with a crow cap.

The second fermentation occurs naturally in the bottle during the following 30/40 days.

This fermentation creates a pressure of 2,5/2,8 atm and the natural sediment that is rich in proteins and antioxidants is left in the bottle.

Delicately turn the bottle upside down before serving at a well chilled temperature.


The vineyard

Area of Production:
Municipality of Quart

Surface area:
Ha 0,5


South, South west, inclination  60 to 80%

600/700 mt asl

Soil: Sandy grain size typical of the region with little depth (less than 50 cm). Abbundance of stone residue

Agricultural operations: weed control is done manually 3 times a year, harrowing and sowing on alternate rows. Fertilisation with bovine manure every 5/6 years. Management of cryptogamic dedeases using exclusively copper and fosphate.

Plantation year:
1990 to 2010

The wine

Harvest: End of August

Variety: Tradition white grapes of the Valle d’Aosta

Vinification: Whole cluster is pressed and alcoholic fermentation in steel tanks at low temperatures.

Ageing: A few months in steel tanks with addition of selected yeasts

Bottling: Addition of frozen must, successive heating to 25C and capsulated with crown cap.

Colour: Straw yellow

Aroma: Fresco e fruttatoFresh, pronounced citrus fruits

Flavour: Intese, acidic, citrucy

Production: 5000

Service temperature: 4 - 6 °C


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