Pinot Noir

The king of Burgundy reds is undoubtedly the Pinot Noir and it is cultivated in the most renowned areas of the world. n the Valle d’Aosta it has been present for many centuries but the modern version was introduced in the 70s by the iconic, Joseph Vaudan.

The Grosjean winery has been producing it for 50 years, choosing to plant the variety on steep sloping, sun exposed terrains so that we bring out the best characteristics of this variety.

Our Pinot Noir is part of a great collection of labels: two sparkling wines, Montmary Rosé Extrabrut where it is blended with our Chardonnay grape and Mas du Jario – Blanc de Noir made with 100% Pinot Noir grape; as still wines we produce a Pinot Noir for the classic line of wines, that is a blend of grapes from our Grosjean land as well as neighbouring vineyards, whereas our pride rests in the organic line producedfrom the Pinot Noir cultivated in the Tzeriat vineyard.

Un vino nato per omaggiare il lavoro svolto dalla seconda generazione, quella dei Grosjean Frères.