Petite Arvine

little mountain grape

Originally from Switzerland, the Petite Arvine has adapted well to our valley’s conditions. Introduced to the Valle d’Aosta during the 1970s, it occupied the central part of the valley and was planted at an altitude between 600 and 900 mt a.s.l. Now it is well suited to our draining steep mountain sides.

A recent study shows that the Petite Arvine seems to have a close link to the native Prié Blanc grape.

The origin of the name is not clear but it certainly refers to the small size of the grape cluster. Uncertain is the choice of Arvine, which could be linked to the pre-indo-european word ARV, meaning mountain or summit from which the Alps also derived their meaning.

Petite Arvine could therefore be explained as ‘small mountain grape’.

We produce two declinations of this variety: Petite Arvine vigne Rovettaz, of which 30% matures in oak barrels for 6 months and expresses the complexity and elegance of the grape; Petite Arvine Chatel Argent,planted higher up in the valley where temperatures are cooler, then matured in steel vats that maintain the freshness and minerality of this variety.

In september 2022 we announced a limited edition of this great variety, vintage 2019, named “Les Frères” that honours the second generation of the Grosjean Family.