Amongst the most prestigious varieties of the Valle d’Aosta, the Fumin is without a doubt the King of reds. n the past it was always used in blends and not considered suitable for single varietal wine. Only 30 years ago did few audacious vignerons try to vinify it in purity also thanks to the changing climate that helped bring the grape to a better phenolic ripeness.

This late maturing variety is harvested between the end of the month of October and the beginning of November so it is essential to dedicate the right area to its plantation. Steep inclinations and a South Western exposure are the main criteria for the production of a quality Fumin. The ageing process is very long and Barriques or Tonneaux are the preferred containers to soften the variety’s sharp edges.

he Grosjean Vins winery proposes three labels of Fumin: the first is our classic line, obtained with harvests of different plots of owned land as well as Fumin grapes that are conferred to us; then we have our signature Fumin vigne Rovettaz obtained with the best quality grapes originating from our historical Cru;

lastly we dedicate a specific area of the vineyard, named Merletta, to our american market, entirely aged in tonneaux.