Autochthonous variety of great elegance and structure. It belongs to the family of Oriou and is an ancient valle d’aostan viticultural variety. Appartenente alla famiglia degli Oriou, affonda le sue origini nella più antica storia vitivinicola valdostana. Curiosamente, nel vicino Vallese svizzero si trova un altro vino chiamato Cornalin, ma si tratta di uve diverse, quello Vallese, un tempo conosciuto come Rouge du Pays, derivato da un incrocio tra Petit Rouge e Mayolet.

However our Cornalin is a close relative to the Petit Rouge but it is identified on the vine by its lighter colour, known in the local dialect as “Bro Blanc”.

From our Rovettaz Cru we harvest a VDA DOC Cornalin that ages in small oak barrique and then in the bottle for a further time. Aromatically it evokes peppery spices and liquorice followed by a delicate acidity and velvety palate.