Considered to be the prince amongst Bourgogne whites, it is understandable why it has been a favourite grape also of the Valle d’Aosta since the 1970s when it was first brought into the region. A close family friend named Vaudan, great friend of grandfather Dauphin Grosjean, decided that the conditions of the Valle d’Aosta could be adapted to produce delicate and fresh Chardonnays with grand structural properties.

It is believed that originally the Chardonnay was the product of a crossing of middle-eastern grapes, however first references were of cistercian monks cultivations in the area of Chablis, precisely at Pontigny Abbey.

The Grosjean winery chose to plant this variety only on wind swept slopes, above 700mt of altitude, to bring out the dryness of this grape. By blending these grapes with pinot noir we produce our classical method, sparkling Montmary Extra Brut Rosé wine. It rests on the lees for 15 months resulting in a fine, vertical bubble.

We also have been producing, for many decades now, a classic Chardonnay that matures in steel vats and recently, in 2019, we launched our organic version, Le Vin de Michel, that ages in delicately steamed, oak barriques resulting in a complex, elegant Chardonnay.