The Premetta, also known as Prié Rouge, is a rare, antique variety with a thin, delicate peel and a clear, rosy pulp that has rather pronounced tannins. It’s cultivation is limited to a few growers, amongst which the Grosjean family that vinify it as a single varietal wine.

The Premetta variety is susceptible to cryptogamic illnesses and is sensible to the harvest that often causes rot. It requires a lot of attention, care and many hours spent amongst the vines to yield a healthy product.

For these reasons we Grosjean are the only family to vinify this wine in purity and are able to obtain a VDA DOC Premetta. It rests in steel vats and is ready to appreciate after 8 months. The main qualities of this wine are its light coral colour that goes onto rosé and its fruity aroma of raspberries and wild roses.