Better known in France as it is the grape that provides the Beaujolais of Burgundy.

It used to be discriminated by France’s high society, specifically Philippe the Bold, Duke of Burgundy that in 1395 declared it illegal to plant Gamay as he wished to dedicate the lands to the more prestigious Pinot Noir. Thanks to a few audacious wise French vignerons are we able nowadays to plant it in our sun exposed, breezy and cool environment.

Cultivated in Valle d’Aosta since the 70s, the Grosjeans were one of the first families to dedicate an area near the Tzeriat to this well adapted variety. In subsequent years this variety was extended to the Castello and to other Crus that were recently discovered.

We obtain from these grapes a VDA DOC Gamay, a light red wine that matures in steel vats for 8 months. A refreshing, strawberry scented wine that is easy to appreciate.